The cleaning of educational centers in the Community of Madrid will be carried out by Althenia Sando, with indoor and outdoor works.

The Community of Madrid has awarded Althenia Sando the cleaning service for various schools in the region. This contract covers the cleaning of interiors and exteriors of the centres, such as low or raised interior courtyards, outdoor playgrounds, or sports facilities.

The educational centres where these solutions will be provided are: IES Alfonso Moreno with 5,917 square metres, IES Calderón de la Barca with 8,060 square metres, IES Enrique Tierno Galván with 7,250 square metres, IES Griñón with 6,008 square metres, IES Humanejos with 7.539 square metres, the IES Las Américas with 5,340 square metres, the IES Maestro Juan Mª Leonet with 4,478 square metres, the IES Neil Armstrong with 6,042 square metres, the IES Pedro de Tolosa with 4,000 square metres, the IES Sevilla La Nueva with 5,442 square metres, or the IES Sor Juana de la Cruz with 4,130 square metres.

Althenia’s cleaning services cover works from the interior facilities to the areas adjacent to the buildings, including: perimeter pavements, access areas, ramps, pergola areas, exterior covered areas, passable roofs, and interior and exterior car parks included in the school grounds.

Specialised and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions

Althenia Sando’s experience in cleaning services, allows it to put the experience of its professionals at the service of educational centres, offering specialised solutions adapted to the characteristics of each space.

In indoor facilities such as classrooms, meeting rooms, toilets or bathrooms, work will be done, such as scrubbing, disinfecting and collecting litter bins, replenishing consumables, sweeping, or cleaning blackboards with dust removal.

Likewise, in specific classrooms, such as IT, music, technology or laboratories, the actions also include the in-depth cleaning of tables (paint or ink stains) and the equipment that forms part of each specific classroom.

Outside, tasks such as collecting litter bins, sweeping garages, car parks, sports pavilions and gardens, cleaning and disinfecting different areas and removing graffiti will be carried out.

As a company specialising in environmental solutions, Althenia Sando will use high-quality materials with low environmental impact in all its projects, aligning with its sustainability commitment.