Althenia Sando specializes in industrial waste management, with collection, transportation, treatment and recycling services.

Althenia Sando is the benchmark brand in environmental services of the Sando Group. A company specialising in industrial waste management, providing services covering all processes and operations: collection, transport, treatment and recycling of discarded materials produced in industrial activity.

The main objective of industrial waste management is the disposal or transformation of waste into the production of new materials that can be reused. In short, it is about effectively integrating the circular economy into processes to send as little waste as possible to landfill, thus avoiding negative environmental and health impacts into processes to send as little waste as possible to landfill, thus avoiding negative environmental and health impacts.

Recycling efficiency and management under 3Rs

Efficient waste management requires the participation of waste producers, administration and specialised waste management companies. It is a complex process to implement. To facilitate this management for its customers, Althenia Sando offers solutions for each of the 3Rs of recycling: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, providing a waste collection and transport system with specialised facilities and technologies, such as industrial composting plants, to ensure sustainable waste treatment and disposal.

At Althenia Sando, once the waste has been collected, it is transported to specialised industrial waste treatment plants, where different specific treatment techniques are applied. The different stages of waste treatment implemented in these plants follow the so-called “waste hierarchy”.

In the first stages of this process, material recovery is carried out by chemical, physical and biological treatments to transform waste into materials that can be reused as raw materials. Secondly, incineration is carried out through energy recovery to create energy, provided the waste is non-toxic and can be treated this way. And thirdly, landfill in safe landfills that guarantee no environmental pollution.

Innovation and sustainability in industrial waste treatment

At Althenia Sando, innovation is part of its DNA. As a company specialising in environmental solutions, it integrates an environmental protection perspective in all its proposals in public tenders. The result is innovative proposals with the circular economy as their flagship that fulfil the same functions and with the same or better quality parameters while protecting the environment.

In particular, the research projects, developed to improve processes, infrastructures and technologies while minimising possible risks and negative impacts on the environment should be highlighted. Through the projects developed in R&D&I, new industrial alternatives are developed that allow sustainability to materialise both in economic terms, by optimising production processes and reducing costs, and in environmental terms, by transforming industrial waste into other products that can be reused in the market or reused in the execution of works.

Among these research projects developed by the group, it is worth highlighting Recycled Aggregates. This project uses materials from construction waste for the construction of road surfaces.