La empresa especializada en conservación y mantenimiento de infraestructuras de Sando, Conacon, ha resultado adjudicataria en UTE del nuevo plan de asfaltado y de mejora de carriles bus de Málaga.

Sando’s specialist infrastructure maintenance and conservation company, Conacon, has been awarded the contract for Malaga’s new tarmacking and bus lane improvement plan. Malaga City Council has approved the bid submitted by the company, which will provide the service for the next two years. The contract, which can be extended for two years, is worth four million euros. 

As communicated by the Consistory, this service includes the necessary actions to carry out the comprehensive management of road maintenance, urgent repairs at specific points, and pavement maintenance. 

The tarmacking plan includes works to reinforce and rehabilitate deteriorated road surfaces in the city, especially on high-capacity roads. The contract also covers pothole patching, repairing potholes and sealing cracks. 

Public roads

This contract complements the service provided by Sando as part of the City of Malaga’s Road Maintenance Plan, awarded to the company in a joint venture in September. Sando carries out services related to maintaining public roads in other cities, such as Seville, where it applies its experience, quality and innovation.