Conacon Sando will be in charge of the acoustic conditioning of the Alcazaba tunnel to reduce pollution.

The Alcazaba tunnel project rehabilitates the entire space to favour the reduction of atmospheric and noise pollution required by legislation.

The specifications designed by Malaga City Council  Malaga City Council include reconditioning road traffic, eliminating one lane of vehicle traffic, and extending the pedestrian area to create a friendlier and more attractive space for citizens. For this purpose, Conacon Sando will use a system of acoustic partitions sewn with concrete ribs to create a more citizen-friendly and attractive pedestrian space.

Other measures proposed in the project include replacing the normal asphalt of the traffic lanes with a sound-absorbing or porous pavement and covering the vault with a sound-absorbing render to improve acoustics. Piped music will also complement the space’s acoustics, providing the route with an audio system.

Un nuevo espacio más sostenible en el túnel la Alcazaba

With this project, Conacon Sando will provide the city of Malaga with a more sustainable and friendly space in such an emblematic environment as the Alcazaba. In addition to improving the urban environment in its environmental, landscape and urban planning dimensions, it will also positively impact the population by recovering urban land for environmentally friendly public uses.

Conacon Sando como empresa especializada en conservación del viario público aplica su experiencia, calidad e innovación en proyectos que contribuyen a generar ciudades más sostenibles y modernas para el ciudadano. Este proyecto complementa a otros servicios que la compañía presta en la ciudad de Málaga, como Plan de Conservación Viaria, los planes de asfaltado y actuaciones en distritos.

As a company specialising in public road maintenance, Conacon Sando applies its experience, quality and innovation to projects that create more sustainable and modern cities for citizens. This project complements other services the company provides in Malaga, such as the Road Maintenance Plan, asphalting plans and actions in districts.

About the project of acoustic conditioning

The works are co-funded by the European Union’s Regional Development Fund (Spain’s Pluri-regional OP 2014-2020). These actions favour reducing atmospheric and noise pollution under Law 34/2007 on Air Quality and Protection of the Atmosphere and Law 37/2003 on Noise.