l Pacto Mundial de la ONU en España ha lanzado una plataforma de aprendizaje para ofrecer los conocimientos y habilidades necesarias para avanzar

The term SDGs has been systematically introduced into the institutional communication agenda. Incorporating Sustainable Development Goals into the general discourse of administrations and companies is an achievement for society, which is becoming aware of the change of mentality necessary to address the future and 2030 Agenda. 

 The fact that the SDGs are in the collective imagination does not mean they are easy to understand, embrace and implement. In the business sphere, each company must carry out a retrospective exercise to assess which SDGs it applies to its activity and, from there, propose objectives, strategies and actions to implement them. 

 In this sense, the UN Global Compact in Spain has launched a learning platform to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to advance in this challenge of responsibly implementing the SDGs. A space that also incorporates the regulations that impact us locally and that we should be aware of.  

 Academy Spain, as it has been called, offers a training path that guides users through learning blocks with specific themes: Sustainable Development Goals, Sustainable Business Management, Environment and Climate, and Reporting. 

 The organisations that form part of the Malaga Forum of Socially Responsible Companies, such as Sando, are aware of the effort involved in taking on the SDGs. We believe that training and learning through initiatives such as Academy Spain are essential to achieving our objectives.