La Gomera Social Health Centre

Social and Health Centre of La Gomera, Municipality of San Sebastián de La Gomera.

  • Contracting body: Inter-Island Council of La Gomera
  • Location: La Gomera (Canary Islands)
  • Description: The work consists of construction of a complex for 150 elderly people and 35 people for a day centre with an overnight stay option. The building has three floors, on an esplanade with a longitudinal unevenness of 4 metres, in the old hospital, respecting the existing volumes around it. For its construction, an open-air excavation is carried out to the lower part of the foundation at -1.35 m from the finished floor level, digging the footings underneath through shafts. The foundations are made of reinforced concrete with isolated footings and brace beams specified in plans, as well as continuous footings under retaining walls. The structure is made up of reinforced concrete beam and column porticoes with flat waffle slabs with recoverable coffers.