Sustainable energy use and optimisation of Torre del Águila Reservoir

Project for clean and sustainable energy use and optimisation of the water courses of the interconnection Bajo Guadalquivir Canal-Torre del Águila Reservoir.

  • Contracting body:Hydrographic Confederation of the Guadalquivir River
  • Location: Utrera, Seville (Andalusia).
  • Description: The aim of the project is to reduce the energy consumption of the elevation from the Bajo Guadalquivir Canal to the Torre del Aguila reservoir. To this end, improvements were made of the aeration of the canal-dam interconnection, in the closing elements of the canal-dam interconnection, reduction of leakage in the upstream facing or execution in the canal of a load breakage system. A total of 18,518.85 m3 were excavated and filled 29,737.57 m3.