El Ministerio de Transportes, Movilidad y Agenda Urbana (Mitma) ha puesto en servicio 10 kilómetros del tramo Gallur-Mallén de la autovía A-68, en la provincia de Zaragoza. Un proyecto adjudicado a Sando en UTE.  

The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (Mitma) has commissioned 10 kilometres of the Gallur-Mallén section of the A-68 dual carriageway in the province of Zaragoza. A project awarded to Sando in a joint venture.  

The Government Delegate attended the commissioning ceremony in Aragon, Rosa María Serrano Sierra, and the Director General of Mitma Roads, Javier Herrero Lizano, among other personalities. 

Mitma’s has already invested 39 million euros in this section. It improves the safety and mobility of its users, allowing them to connect to different cities via a high-capacity road. 

Gallur-Mallén section 

The Gallur-Mallén section of the A-68 is a challenge for construction companies, since it was executed with the N-232 road in service. This road carries a high traffic volume of 11,000 vehicles per day, especially heavy goods vehicles. 

This civil engineering project has two carriageways with two 3.50 m lanes, separated by a strict median, 1.50 m inner verges, and 2.50 m outer verges. Sando has built three subways and five overpasses that provide continuity, among other infrastructures, to the Lodosa Canal and three cattle tracks. 

The environmental sustainability measures, such as the revegetation of the slopes, the passes, gates, and escape ramps for fauna, and the installation of wooden palisades on the overpasses, are worthy of note.