Sando certifica sistema innovador

With the group company specialising in Infrastructure Conservation, Conacon, Sando has achieved certification as an innovative construction solution for a new horizontal road sign system based on photoluminescent paint. The company has designed this method for night-time and low-visibility lighting. 

The international certification and verification body for R&D&I, EQA, has accredited the innovation represented by this construction solution. The system, which results from Sando’s experience in the conservation and maintenance of roads, has multiple applications, including the lighting of accident-prone stretches, where accident rates could be reduced. 

It could also be applied to sections in natural parks where accidents are frequent due to free-ranging animals crossing due to lack of perimeter fencing. The study has assessed their use in deterring wildlife from crossing roads. Its use has also been assessed for conventional roads and the delimitation of different roads, such as a cycle lane next to a road. 


Research process


For its development, Sando’s R&D&I department has studied the composition and application of the paint, seeking the most efficient and appropriate solution from the point of view of compliance with regulations and costs. Based on the results obtained, the light emission of different samples has been observed under different conditions to ensure the minimum hours of light necessary to allow circulation during times of darkness under safe conditions.

As part of the research and to determine their resistance to wear, the different samples of photoluminescent paint were applied in the car park of the Northern Jaen Road Maintenance Centre, a contract dependent on the Andalusian Regional Government, to analyse their behaviour and evolution for more than 180 days. Authorisation is currently pending to test the system on an in-service section. 

Using colours, one of the project’s objectives is to identify potential dangers associated with sensitive sections, such as pedestrian crossings, schools, children’s playgrounds, and cycle lanes. It creates a code to recognise them quickly and visually 

In addition to creating a product that optimises road safety, this solution also provides Sando with an improved technical capability and a competitive edge in providing infrastructure maintenance and upkeep services.