Arbomap es el resultado del ejercicio de inventariado y cartografiado de todo el arbolado situado en el término municipal de Coslada que ha realizado Althenia Sando. La aplicación contempla las reposiciones, nuevas plantaciones y permite geolocalizar los árboles de titularidad municipal.

The councillor for Environmental Policy of Coslada, Julio Huete, has presented the new application for the municipality’s trees implemented by Althenia Sando. This application lets you see and learn about the trees in the city’s streets, squares, and parks.

This application results from Althenia Sando’s inventory and mapping of all the trees in the municipality of Coslada. The application includes replacements and new plantations and allows the geolocation of municipally owned trees.

For each tree, an information sheet has been drawn up, including data such as the scientific name, common name, and relative age. The current tree population of the city of Coslada is abundant, with more than 15,000 units in urban areas and more than 40,000 units in forest parks.

Althenia Sando, a company specialising in environmental services, manages the parks and gardens of this municipality in Madrid.

Access to the inventory

This digital tool can be accessed through the municipal website Arbomap, inventario del arbolado – Política medioambiental ( In addition, citizens can request actions, proposals, or incidents, such as requests for pruning or watering.

Sando has developed various research projects that have allowed the map and classification of urban elements of cities using its technological tools. In this regard, Atlhenia Sando is currently carrying out the SERVECO project to measure the economic, social, and environmental benefits of urban trees and green areas. Conacon Sando is also carrying out an R&D&I project for road maintenance based on artificial intelligence (AI), INSPECT-ROADS.